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Will DJI make a mirrorless camera? 2022 Imaging Industry Forecast

This week is the first working week in 2022. As the new year begins, it is inevitable to look ahead to the imaging industry and forecast new products in the new year.

  As we all know, it has been two years since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic. The impact of the epidemic has broken the balance of supply and demand in the chip industry, resulting in a global shortage of chips. The shortage of chips has also had a great impact on the industry, including the imaging industry. In the past year, “out of stock” seems to have become one of the labels that many popular camera models cannot get rid of, and premium sales have also become normal. So in 2022, will things change for the imaging industry? How will the video industry change? Might as well, through our article, make a prediction for the imaging industry in 2022.

Chip shortages and premium sales still coexist

  As we have mentioned in the previous article, the chip shortage that will sweep the world in 2021 will have a serious impact on all walks of life. In November and December 2021, Canon and Sony issued official statements one after another, saying that due to the higher-than-expected product order volume, the delivery date of related products will be launched due to the global shortage of parts. For Canon and Sony, their next hits, the EOS R3 and Alpha 7 IV, have just been released and are facing severe parts shortages. Save with  Save with Currys discount code, Currys NHS discount code and Currys promo code NHS, Currys nhs voucher code, Currys NHS discount, Currys Coupon code 10 Off and Currys discount code NHS

Screenshot of Sony’s official announcement

  In addition, the Nikon Z9 sales page on the Yodobashi Electric sales platform in Japan shows that the next batch of Nikon Z9s will arrive in October 2022. In this regard, Nikon also issued an announcement that the Z9 booking exceeded expectations, but due to the shortage of parts, the delivery time was extended.

Canon EOS R5c (rendering)

Sony A7 M4 camera price

  The most intuitive impact of “lack of core” is the price. Take Sony’s latest Alpha 7 IV camera as an example. This new mirrorless camera, which was officially priced at 16,999 USD at the time of its release, is not only a rare item in the market. Some merchants quoted a price of 27,000 USD, which was a full 10,000 USD higher than the official price.

  As for other types of cameras that are already on the market, production will either be discontinued due to “lack of cores”, or prices will rise quietly due to “lack of cores”, and this situation will continue in 2022. Therefore, for consumers who hold coins to buy, if the price is in line with their own price, just place an order.

Mirrorless cameras continue to rise, SLR cameras become a thing of the past

  Recently, the hottest news in the photography circle is that Canon Chairman and CEO Shishio Mitarai said in an interview with Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun that the EOS-1D X Mark II I will be Canon’s last flagship SLR camera. At present, the market demand is accelerating to the mirrorless field. In order to adapt to this trend, Canon is constantly adjusting the development system and personnel.

The voice of Canon’s “big guy” also indicates that in the future camera market, the SLR will gradually disappear, and the replaced micro-single will become the flagship product of the imaging industry in the future.

  For ordinary consumers like us, there is no need to panic. SLR cameras will not suddenly disappear from the market, and existing models will continue to be sold, as will warranties and service support. Even if SLR cameras gradually withdraw from the mainstream sales platform in the next few years, there will still be a large number of body and lens products sold in the second-hand market, which will not have a great impact on users.

  The once-hot consumer camera market has now been completely replaced by mobile phone photography. The follow-up models of the Sony Black Card RX100 series are still a mystery; after the launch of the latest GR3x of the Ricoh GR series, it has been out of stock due to production capacity and other reasons, and the market’s attention seems to be less than before, so I keep a consumer camera. time is really running out.

· Full-frame mirrorless and APS-C mirrorless cameras will explode within 10,000 USD

  The price of full-frame mirrorless cameras will drop to within 10,000 USD. This trend will be obvious in 2021. In 2022, there will be more full-frame new products within 10,000 USD, and they will also become the main products purchased by consumers.

  In 2021, the price of the Nikon Z5 full-frame mirrorless camera will always be within 10,000 USD, and the price will be lower when it encounters large-scale promotions such as shopping festivals. In 2022, manufacturers will focus on full-frame mirrorless cameras within 10,000 USD. The biggest thing to watch is the upgrade of Canon EOS R P. I wonder if it can break the invincible state of Nikon Z5 in 10,000 USD.

Nikon Z5

Nikon Z5

  In the APS-C market, although there will be no new products for SLR cameras, mirrorless cameras are still promising. There is already news that manufacturers have begun to transfer the APS-C product line to mirrorless cameras, and Canon will also launch its own new APS-C mirrorless camera in 2022.

  With the popularity of video shooting and Vlog, mirrorless cameras in APS-C format have just come into use. They are lightweight, high-quality, and have strong video shooting capabilities, which fully meet the needs of the above-mentioned users. Show now with AO discount code and AO discount code NHS , AO NHS discount, AO promo code NHS, Ao coupon code 10 Off, AO NHS discount code at AO Voucher Code NHS


· Video will become the new hot spot

  Judging from the new cameras released after 2020, the ability to shoot video has become more and more professional, and mirrorless cameras have become one of the mainstream equipment for professional video. In 2022, there is a high probability that Canon will launch the EOS R5c for the professional video field. Including many new cameras launched this year, video capabilities will become one of the key functions. Will 8K video shooting heat up? Will the high sense go further, will the time limit for video shooting be lifted, and so on. 

  Let’s wait and see.

Canon EOS R5c (rendering)

Will DJI launch its own camera?

  This must be the question in many people’s minds. DJI is already a real leader in the field of drones, and has deep technical reserves in drone imaging and algorithms. DJI launched the Action 2 camera in 2021, and we can see a new way of playing the camera through magnetic attraction, so will DJI launch its own mirrorless camera in 2022?

  It can be said that everything is ready, it only depends on the arrangement of DJI.



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