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Printer Common Problem and Their Solutions [Useful Guide]


Users who require frequent prints on a daily basis rely on their personal printers rather than outsourcing for prints every day. However, it can annoy you when these printers fail to perform their proper functions. Some minor issues can lead to printers failing to print or even breaking down at times. Minor stacking of paper, unfunctional cables, or even software issues can lead to printer malfunctioning. Also, some connection issues can be due to improper connection of cables, faulty ports, etc. However, these issues can be easily resolved with the help of solutions provided to each problem.


Before you learn the common problems make sure that the Printer driver on your device is updated. Many printer malfunctioning issues are caused by incompatible or incorrect drivers. To update drivers you can use either manual or automatic methods. Using the manual menial method, update the printer driver from the official website of the manufacturer. For example, If you wish to download driver for Canon IP2770 printer, visit the official website of Canon and search the driver software for the particular model number. Find the compatible driver for your operating system, download and install it.


But the manual process requires extra time and effort of users. Also, some users might not have enough technical knowledge to find the right drivers from the website. If you lack these constraints go for a free driver updater for Windows 10, 11, or other version devices. The utility of the software is to automatically download all the outdated drivers, or schedule these downloads at the convenience of the users. The tool also enhances the performance of your devices with smoother working. Updated printer drivers when installed can solve many printer problems.


However, if the problem in the printer remains, read the following section to know the common printer problems and the methods to solve them.

Common Printer Problems and Solutions

Many users face the below-listed printer problems. Use the guide below to solve the issues and have a fully-functional printer at your work.

1. Slow Printing:

The speed of printing depends upon the type of printer you are using. Few printers are designed in a way that they print at a slow speed to print in high-quality. If the speed of the printer decreases suddenly then update the print quality settings of your printer with the help of the following steps.


Step 1: Write Control panel in the search bar and open it.


Step 2: Click on Device & Printers to expand the section.


Step 3: Right-click on the printer in use and choose the Printing preferences.


Step 4: Select the option Paper or Quality. Now choose the mode of printing available under the Quality settings option.


Update the printer settings and check if the speed of the printer is recovered back to the normal speed of printing.

2. Light Color Prints

Faded or light prints are a result of a clogged head of the printer. The inkjet printers when left unused for quite some time may lead to dried or clogged ink cartridges. Run the utility program of your printer to clean the printer. In the case of inkjet printers, clean the printer properly. The app that comes along with the printer provides an option to clean. Try the light clean and the heavy one after it is required.


In the case of Laser printers, the problem can be due to low toner. Change the toner if possible. If the toner is not available remove the tone and tip the cartridge slowly. For time being this will redistribute existing ink in the cartridge to give enough prints.

3. Slow WiFi Printing

If your printer is placed beyond the reach of your WiFi the speed of printing is slowed down. Make sure you have an adequate router with an updated framework. Also if required improve the performance of WiFi by adding wireless extenders.

4. Paper Jams

The major problem behind paper jams is misaligned sheets. Align the sheets properly in the tray and don’t overfill it. If you are unable to fix the jamming of papers with a proper alignment, check the printer’s manual to troubleshoot. If the rollers of the printer are broken or misaligned, paper can get stuck in the feeder itself. To overcome this replace the roller or get servicemen to help you fix the problem.

5. Prints are Assigned to Different Printer

In case your Windows PC starts printing a new printer for print jobs you can update the default printer for your device. Open the Start menu and look for devices & printers. Under the Printers & Fax section select the printer you wish to make your default printer. Right-click on it to set it as Default.

6. Update Printer Driver

To avoid compatibility issues for your printer, update the printer driver on your Windows PC. You can update the driver from the official website or through an automatic driver updater software. If you have the technical knowledge and enough time to find the compatible drivers use the manual method. In case you find it complicated download the driver updater tool to update the printer and other drivers automatically.


Download the best driver updater software and follow the instructions to install it. Scan your PC for pending driver updates and wait till the list of outdated drivers is displayed. Update the drivers or schedule the updates at your convenience. The flexibility and automation offered by these tools make them a highly recommended method to update drivers.

Common Printer Problems: Fixed

We hope the above article helped you get the printer problems fixed. The first thing to be kept in mind is to update your printer driver to have smooth communication between the printer and Windows device. The driver update provides improved performance and basic bug fixes in the older version devices. Update the printer driver automatically with the help of driver updater software. Then move forward with the above methods.


If the above article helped you address your printer problems and remove them, leave feedback in the comments. Also, for more tech-related issues resolving blogs subscribe to our blog.


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