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How to Select Classy Cabinet Hardware that can Match your Interior

When one designs a kitchen, there are no hard and fast rules to follow, and no recipe involved as such. But there is a lot to choose from, and numerous ways in which the homeowner presents his creativity to the world.

Just as an instance, one is likely to keep his focus on the selection of the right sorts of kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls. A simple decision such as that could be reasonably eventful, with the choices available being manifolds. One comes across different attractive alternatives for finish, style, and size.

Then, when choosing the Kitchen Cabinet Hardware, one need not be bound by a single style. One can go for handles, kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls and other hardware, all selected nicely to deliver the best possible effect in combination with each other.

Top reasons to mix kitchen hardware

Mixing kitchen hardware is not just about style. It’s about functionality as well. Let us first consider the style perspective.

When one mixes and matches kitchen hardware, it yields character to the interiors, with a dash of visual interest as well. Now, if your kitchen is large, you may want to avoid the monotonicity that comes with keeping similar handles for all doors and cabinets.

Now, when we take the viewpoint of functionality under consideration, a few of the cabinets are more suited to certain distinct types of hardware as compared to others. Just as an instance, one may want to go for round knobs for swinging doors. Pullout drawers work the best with bin pulls. Similarly, if you maintain a panelled fridge, then large handles will work the best for the same.

Mixing and matching kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls makes practical sense.

A few of the top tips to select your kitchen hardware right

By mixing and matching kitchen hardware, one promotes a look of organisation and elegance for the kitchen. This is going to have to do a lot with comfort and personal preferences. But some guidelines will help, nevertheless.

●     Go for a single finishing throughout

One is always going to have to have a choice at using different finishes for different sets of items of kitchen hardware. This way, one can coordinate the hardware such that it creates a great overall presentation. But, keeping the finish consistent for the entire kitchen hardware, including kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls is safer and easier. This way, the sense of coordination will naturally come. If there are any differences in style, they won’t be as noticeable.

A finish is beyond the material. It’s the texture of the material. Just as an instance, let us suppose that brushed brass and satin brass, both have a gold finish. But they are both going to look different because the underlying materials are different. So, the degree of shine that they extend will also be different.

In case an even more coordinated look meets your liking, then you may choose to go for a similar metallic finish over your cabinet hardware and faucet. This may further extend to other points of fine detailing, such as switch plate covers and light fixtures.

●     Consider the number of doors and drawers

The ideal presentation of cabinet hardware is when the kitchen hardware is well spread throughout the kitchen. This way, a single knob or pull cannot be centred down upon as the odd one out. So, numerous hardware styles will work in sync for the kitchen, even while the kitchen is large and has extended cabinetry and many doors.

Now, let us consider the case wherein your kitchen has fewer than 20 drawers and windows. In such cases, it will be preferable that you do not use over 2 types of cabinet kitchen hardware.

But, if the doors and drawers in your kitchen are fewer than 12, then stick to using just one type of knob or pull for the entire kitchen for the best results. Ultimately, it is up to the homeowner and one can go about it in the way that one likes. But these are the tips that work in most cases by keeping the look organised.

In case you come to feel that mixing cabinet kitchen hardware is a style that may not yield the best outcomes in your circumstances, then one of the premium options at your disposal is simple straight handles in a 3-to-4-inch screw hole spacing. This works reasonably well for most cabinet functions, narrow drawers in particular. But, for the wider drawers as well, the results are equally good, especially if the handles are installed in pairs. The arrangement is effective for swinging cabinets as well. This is the go-to option for most homeowners, especially if they want a single type of cabinet hardware throughout their kitchen.

●     One style for upper cabinets and a separate style for lower cabinets

A different style of cabinet kitchen hardware for upper and lower cabinets is a catchy trend that everyone seems to like. It coordinates the look of your cabinetry and kitchen in general.

For the upper cabinetry, knobs are used most frequently. So, when one needs to swing open the upper cabinet door, then a knob will yield the best outcome for the same. Similarly, for the lower cabinet doors, one can use a short handle or a pull. Either alternative delivers prime outcomes, and works for drawers and lower doors alike.

In some cases, pantry doors are full-height. One can treat them to be the same as upper cabinets and lower cabinets. One will also have a choice between splitting the hardware between their upper and lower halves.

It is best to ensure that when the hardware is split, it follows a vertical line towards the counter. Using a single style of cabinet kitchen hardware also works well for pantry doors, and introduces subtlety by keeping the look consistent.

●     Going for different styles based on function

When one’s kitchen is large and features several drawers and cabinets, one should go for Knobco’s styles based on the functionality of drawers. This will work whenever one chooses to mix two or more types of hardware for one’s kitchen. This adds to a kitchen’s aesthetics and keeps the operation ergonomic in general.

The rule of the thumb here is going for pulls for drawers and knobs for cabinets. A pull allows one to use the entire hand for applying force and makes opening the drawer easier for most people. The key advantage of using knobs is aesthetics. So, one has to see what works for one and choose accordingly. One may want to choose among alternative types of kitchen hardware as well, such as large handles, bin pulls, etc. Nowadays, a host of options are available before homeowners, and they can choose based on the aesthetics that work for them.




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