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How Leather Jacket Has Changed in 20 Years


My 20 year hunt for the best leather jacket has always fascinated me to know about this term “Leather” a little more. This is a material made up from raw animal skin like sheep, goat, buffalo, calves and horses. Since so many years in the past this trend of using animal skin to manufacture leather got started and continuing till today, basically from the Stone Age to now leather has changes drastically. No matter what, people who loves styling wears leather jacket and look up for multiple designs or color while shopping.

One can even write books on how this clothing element got into fashion and how it changed over the time. The process starts with finding the best animal skin for your jacket, stitching and styling it with the right pairs of bottom or shirts. Leather jackets have always been in fashion while you’re out for a fancy dinner or your farewell party. Men as well as women are also seen in this trend since years now. The evolution started from the material continued with the different colors which can be seen. For instance, mostly black color was the popular among rest of the color pallet but now multiple shades and hues are present too.

Ozark Jacket, one of the most trending apparels in the famous TV series “Ozark” nowadays has been streaming with a huge fan following. The jacket has won the hearts of its fans as it’s carried by Ozark in the show so well. He’s looking like a legend and the beautiful leather jacket have emerged uniquely. So this is a live example as how some respective fields are using leather jackets in a fun and entertaining way. Every day different type of high quality leather fabric is being manufactured and designed through high tech machines or tools. New technology, different kind of patches, buttons, zippers and pockets are also added to make it an interesting article.

There are some types for the leather jackets exist too; racer jacket, bomber jacket, furred jacket and the biker jacket. All these types of articles are quite different from one another in terms of style, designs and patterns. Some jackets have hoods attached at the back and some have several numbers of pockets at the front. A lot of jackets have been seen with notched lapel collars, shirt-style collars and the sailor one. Some have open hem sleeves, rib-knitted sleeves and normal sleeves as well. Ranging from different type of sleeves, collars, pockets and hoods these jackets have been manufactured with a lot of effort and technology. There are different types of leather fabrics are present in the markets i.e. genuine leather, faux leather, suede leather, grain leather and much more.

If discussed about the past, there were not as much designs or styles were present and also there were any kind of specifications were seen as well. Only specific types of leather jackets were used to be designed within a budget. On the other hand, in the present age big clothing companies and designers are manufacturing amazing styles and designs to make the outfits more unique. People usually love this clothing item due to the fact that they can wear leather with almost every outfit available in their wardrobe. It’s an amazing option for every occasion.

With the ongoing years, it has been gaining a good popularity with the ultra modern looks and fashion trends. Leather jackets gets much confused with leather coats whereas both the terms are entirely different and contains their own meanings. As leather coats are longer in length while leather jackets are quite short in length. These can be paired up with different tees, shirts, trousers and bottoms of multiple colors and shades. Some wear black jackets with blue t-shirts while others choose brown jackets and black t-shirts.

The choice of men and women are quite similar when it comes to leather jackets. In the past, women were not much used to for this kind of fashion but with the changing time they have become addicted to this trend as the men were already. They style it up with different dresses, short skirts and pants. Bomber and biker jackets are also available in markets for the ladies fashion. They have flapped pockets, zipper closures and hoods to set the trends for the people who love fashion. . It’s the ever changing trend which has no plan to quit for the coming years. The enhancements in this industry will be forever and become more unique with the passing time. Also it will gain a lot more leather jackets lovers as it has been a million dollar industry.

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