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Can Download Videos from Facebook Without an application

Facebook for those who aren’t acquainted with social media, millions of active users log on to the social network each day for information, vent their frustrations, and upload videos that can stream. To stream videos on Facebook, you need a fast internet connection. Otherwise, the video may be challenging to play. The best option is to download it. You will be able to download videos from Facebook, and we’ll share them with you.

When you download it, you can watch the video to your heart’s delight without worrying about running out of space because watching videos online over and over can cause your data to go through quickly.

To download videos from Facebook, it is not necessary to install an application or a web browser available on your smartphone and laptop and both Android and iOS.

How to Download Videos on Facebook Without an Application

These methods are straightforward, and you don’t require installing an application to download videos. Instead, get videos downloaded from Facebook.

You can use one of the websites we suggest to download videos effortlessly and without difficulty.


Fbdown is a website that allows you to download Facebook videos more quickly and easily. Utilizing this website to download videos from Facebook is relatively easy.

Copy the URL of the video and paste it into the Fbdown column and click to download. Simple isn’t that.


How do I download Facebook videos

  • Open your Facebook account. Search the video on FB that you wish to download on pc.
  • Copy the URL for the video.
  • After that, open within the browser you are using (can be found on Android, IOS, and PC)
  • Copy the URL for the video into the field for download sites
  • Choose the resolution you prefer and click Download.
  • Make sure to wait till the downloading process is completed.


If you want to save videos from Facebook, use this website. Yes, Those of you who download many videos should be aware of this website. is a website that makes it simple for users to download audio, video, and various other types of files. For example, it is possible to download video from Facebook effortlessly and indifferently quality between 480p and 720p.


  • Create the video that will be downloaded, and then take a copy of the video link
  • Once the video link is complete. Start the website using the browser of your choice (you can also use mobiles and PCs)
  • Copy the video link you’ve prepared
  • Select the quality of your video according to your requirements
  • Click Download.


Another option if you’re unable to save videos on Facebook is to rely on this website. Save Slightly different from save from. This site has fewer options for quality videos.


  • Sign in to your Facebook account, and choose the video you would like to download.
  • Copy the URL from your video on Facebook.
  • After that, go to the website, and paste your video URL into the download area (can be found on IOS, Android, and PC)
  • Click the download link, and wait until you choose the video quality you wish to download. Then, hit the download button at the end of the page.


Dredown is a website that allows users to download Facebook videos in just a couple of minutes. Like other sites, there is no need to copy the video’s URL hyperlink and paste the URL into the site column.

  • Make sure you have the video on your Facebook account that you wish to download.
  • Then copy the URL for the video.
  • Start your browser and go to (can be accessed via iPhone, Android, or PC)
  • Copy the URL hyperlink to the website. After that, select Download (dropdown button)
  • Take a few minutes to ensure the video has been saved.


Another website to download Facebook video content is fbdownloader. With this site, you can download videos in quality starting at 480p, the 720p resolution, and even full HD. The process is.

  • Log into your Facebook account, then click on the video you wish to download.
  • Once the video is completed, Copy the video’s URL link.
  • Start the web browser of your mobile phone and go to the website (you can open it on a desktop computer as well)
  • Insert the video’s URL into the column, then click GO.
  • Choose the quality of the video you would like to download, and then click Download.
  • It would help if you waited a minute until the video was completed, and you could

How to Download Videos on Facebook Android Using Apps

If you’re looking to download videos straight away without having to open an internet browser, then an application for downloading videos is the best option

6. BlueSaver Video Downloader

As the name suggests, it is a tool we use to download videos quickly from Facebook. The process of using it is simple.

  • Then download and install the YouTube Download Facebook application first on the Play Store.
  • Suppose the application is installed on your phone. Open the Facebook application.
  • After opening, locate the video you wish to download and click the three-dot icon (as shown in the picture below). Click Copy Link
  • If you open the video, download it on Facebook automatically, and the link will be copied. Click the download logo to download.
  • It will display a menu that includes Watch as well as Download. Just select Download, and your video is downloaded automatically.

7. Bulletsaver Video Downloader

The second application we will utilize to download videos from Facebook is called Bulletsaver Video Downloader. How do you use this application?

  • Download and install Bulletsaver Video Download on the Play Store.
  • After installation, open Facebook and look for the video you would like to watch.
  • After that, click the three dots in the upper right corner and copy the link to the video.
  • After that, launch the application to download videos on Facebook. The video’s URL will be automatically pasted to the program.

Then, hit the download button, after which the movie will be downloaded in a matter of seconds.

Here’s how to download videos from Facebook, as well as the steps required to download the videos. Utilizing the strategies above, you will be able to download your favorite videos effortlessly.

This way, you can view videos on Facebook whenever you want. This will undoubtedly help you get your quota of free time. Have fun!



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